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Ceylon Trading OÜ was established in Estonia in 2004 with the ambition of bringing the best Ceylon tea directly from Ceylon (Sri Lanka). Ceylon Trading partnership with Mlesna Ceylon Ltd was the best team towards that ambition. Since over the years the Ceylon teas were mainly coming via Germany, Holland, England and other countries, the Estonian tea lover didn't get the real exquisite taste and superior quality of Ceylon teas. With around the clock service and unparallel quality teas from Mlesna, which comes directly from the mountain peaks and green valleys of Sri Lanka, Ceylon Trading entered the Estonian tea market to enrich the Ceylon teas and achieved great heights in a short period of time solely because of the qualities of teas and services it offered.

With the expansion and providing the Estonian consumer with much more superior quality products, Ceylon Trading joined hands with the best manufactures to expand its products range to porcelain, coffee, coffee machines and water filters.

Coffee - with high quality Italian espresso blend of coffee in the likes of Alfredo bean super bar, Eilles gourmet café, fair-trade café and Coffee pads (the new generation of coffee making).

Coffee machines - made in Netherlands.

Water Filters - enjoy perfect water quality around the clock with BWT water filters.

Porcelain - hand made porcelain ware quality controlled under high tech technology, long lasting and innovative designs.

With the client friendly prompt services, reliability, flexibility in services and always thinking what's best for the consumer, Ceylon Trading OÜ products are granted to be the best in the market providing their clients and consumers the best to their needs.

Also we provide special consultations on tea and coffee from very experienced expert in the relevant field to bring more awareness of the qualities of tea and coffee to the clients and consumers.

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